Be A Part Of Senpai Magazine!

The "Why We Watch" section of Senpai Magazine gives the readers a chance to put a part of themselves into the magazine. We have a series of questions for our fans to answer and each issue we'll hand pick a few to put in the sidebar alongside the two featured anime fans.

Not only can you submit your answers to the questions but you can also submit complete articles (1,000 words or less) which we will try our best to feature* We want the world to know who our fans are and what anime means to them.

To get started, download the document below with the questions. For those of you who don't have Microsoft Word (however that is possible) there is a PDF version available. Please email your answers or articles to contact@senpaimagazine.com. We can't wait to hear from you!

*We cannot guarantee that your questions or articles will end up in the magazine depending on the volume of responses we get. It is also possible that a writer might have to edit your work before it is published, in which case we will show you the edited piece before printing it.